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The Time Surfers #7: Shock Wave

By: Tony Abbott
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Yearling
ISBN: 9780553484649
05/12/1997 - $4.99
Categories: Fantasy & Magic, Fantasy & Magic,

Ned Banks has waited his entire life to watch a live shuttle launch. But as he waits for the countdown, he sees a strange image. Ghostlike blobs are swirling around him in the AstroMall, and Ned knows they spell trouble. When Roop and Suzi arrive, the Time Surfers watch in awe as the space shuttle launches into a dark cloud and then vanishes. The blobs disappear in the chaos, and so does Ned’s new friend, Julie Tate, whose father is trapped on board the shuttle.

Can the Time Surfers find Dr. Tate and the space shuttle before it’s too late?

Tony Abbott is the author of numerous books for young readers, including the popular series The Secrets of Droon, and the novels Kringle and Firegirl. He lives and writes in Connecticut.