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The Time Surfers #2: Orbit Wipeout

By: Tony Abbott
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Yearling
ISBN: 9780553483048
04/08/2008 - $4.99
Categories: Science Fiction, Concepts - Date & Time, Social Themes - Friendship,

Things are looking up for Ned Banks. His best friend, Ernie, is on his way to visit for a whole week! But then Ned gets an urgent call from the Time Surfers and he has to travel into deep space with Roop and Suzi to check out Centaur One–an abandoned space station. When they arrive, they find Vorg–the biggest villian of the century–waiting for them, along with the evil Klenn from Ned’s comic books! But if the bad guys come to life, Ned wonders if the good guy–the hero, Zontar–can too? Otherwise the Time Surfers might be trapped forever!