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Me and My Place in Space

By: Joan Sweeney
illustrated by: Annette Cable
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Dragonfly Books
ISBN: 9780517885901
07/20/1999 - $7.99
Categories: Technology - Aeronautics, Astronautics & Space Science, Science & Nature - Astronomy, Concepts - General,

Where is the earth?  Where is the sun?  Where are the stars?

Now in a Dragonfly edition, here is an out-of-this world introduction to the universe for children.  With earth as a starting point, a young astronaut leads readers on a tour past each planet and on to the stars, answering simple questions about our solar system. In clear language, drawings, and diagrams, space unfolds before a child's eyes.  Colorful illustrations, filled with fun and detail, give children a lot to look for on every page and a glossary helps reinforce new words and concepts. A terrific teaching tool, Me and My Place in Space is an easy and enjoyable way to introduce the concept of space to the very youngest astronomers.