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Sunita's Secret

By: Narinder Dhami
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Corgi
ISBN: 9780440866299
06/06/2006 - $0.00
Categories: General - DO NOT SELECT,

Another fabulous story set in the same world as the popular Bindi Babes.

At her new school, Sunita tries to hide her secret but, thanks to class “goddess” Celina, her classmates soon find out that Sunita’s dad is an infamous fraudster on the run. Although she tries to keep her head down, somehow Sunita can’t hide her natural instinct for helping others and she starts doing little favours for people secretly. And, oddly, a rash of helpful book-mending, locker-tidying and present-leaving quickly takes over the school. Even Celina seems to be affected — but when she tries to take credit for the scheme, Sunita can see her motives are far from innocent. Should Sunita put up or shut up?