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The Smash! Smash! Truck

By: Aidan Potts
Format: Hardcover
Imprint: David Fickling Books
ISBN: 9780385751438
02/09/2010 - $16.99
Categories: Science & Nature - Environmental Science & Ecosystems,

What self-respecting glass bottle would want to be trapped in a trash dump for hundreds of thousands of years, when it could be transformed over and over again into new and exciting containers? Luckily, the Smash! Smash! Truck is on hand to speed up the recycling process, making things go round faster. Professor Potts takes us all the way back to the Big Bang to look at how the earth naturally recycles its resources and ends with a series of glorious smashes as a modern recycling truck is loaded and unloaded.

As he did in Uneversaurus, Professor Potts makes science engaging and informative with lighthearted, accessible text and clever, fun illustrations.