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Days of Little Texas

By: R. A. Nelson
Format: Trade Paperback
Imprint: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780375844829
09/14/2010 - $8.99
Categories: Horror, Social Themes - Values & Virtues,

Known to the faithful as Little Texas, Ronald Earl King has been preaching on the revival circuit since he was ten.

He’s now sixteen, and his adoring followers still roar and praise his name.

So why is he plagued with dreams that are shaking his faith to its core?

When a nearly lifeless girl in a blue dress is brought before him, Little Texas lays his hands upon her just as he has done in countless other healings. But he knows that something is not right. This one is different.

More small towns, more revivals—and time after time, a flash of blue in the crowd. The same girl. Is she just another of the grateful and devoted? Or is she something else? Is she following Little Texas . . . or haunting him?