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Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger?

By: Betsy E. Snyder
Format: Non-traditional book
Imprint: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780375843969
05/26/2009 - $9.99
Categories: Animals - Lions, Tigers, Leopards, etc., Concepts - Senses & Sensation, Stories In Verse (See Also Poetry),

Not your average touch-and-feel!

Everyone knows what it’s like to pat a bunny that’s soft and cuddly. But for those babies and toddlers who want to touch something different—say prickly and tickly animals of a more exotic nature—Betsy Snyder’s Have You Ever Tickled a Tiger? offers the perfect opportunity. This novelty book asks its readers if they’ve ever kissed a walrus, poked a penguin, or hugged an octopus, among others! Rhyming couplets share more about the delightfully illustrated creatures boasting tickly whiskers, velvety tummies, bumpy tentacles, fluffy feathers, etc.—all for baby to touch and feel!