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How Many? (Limited Edition)

By: Ron van der Meer
Format: Non-traditional book
Imprint: Robin Corey Books
ISBN: 9780375842399
09/25/2007 - $250.00
Categories: Concepts - Counting & Numbers, Concepts - Size & Shape,

This limited edition of How Many? is signed and numbered by Ron van der Meer. There is a special pop-up (which is not in the trade edition) embedded in the cover, full-cloth binding, foil stamping, and a full-cloth slipcase.

This limited edition truly has to be seen to be appreciated. Each spread features a different shape (square, circle, star, triangle, rectangle) that has been cleverly paper-engineered to form spectacular sculptures. Readers are invited to find and count as many items as they can per spread-shapes within shapes, shapes of different colors, and so on. Whether readers search and count or not, the beautiful paper sculptures will be admired by all who see them. This is a book like no other and belongs on everyone's home bookshelf.