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By: Wendelin Van Draanen
Format: Hardcover
Imprint: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9780375835223
09/12/2006 - $15.95
Categories: Social Themes - Runaways, Social Themes - Physical & Emotional Abuse (see Social Themes - Sexual Abuse), Family - Orphans & Foster Homes,

This diary of a runaway girl and her search for a home celebrates hope, resilience, and happy endings.
Holly's run away before, but this time she actually gets away—and what felt like an escape at first soon becomes a daily struggle for survival. She is smart and resourceful, and she manages to make it across the country on her own. But how long can this go on? It's getting harder to avoid the truth—Holly is now homeless.
Runaway is a remarkably uplifting portrait of a girl still young and stubborn and naive enough to believe there's a better place for her in the world.