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The Fearful

By: Keith Gray
Format: Hardcover
Imprint: Bodley Head
ISBN: 9780370328362
07/26/2005 - $0.00
Categories: Action & Adventure - General,

In 1699, William Milmullen took his six pupils to the lakeside to study, but only William returned after a creature rose up from the water and devoured the six boys right before his eyes. William Milmullen never recovered from the shock of what he’d seen. He named the creature “The Mourn” and declared himself “Mourner”, and vowed that every Milmullen son would take the mantle of Mourner at the age of 16 to protect the town from “the dragon in the lake.”

In the story, Tim Milmullen will soon turn 16, but he doesn’t know if he wants the role of Mourner. For one thing, the kids at school make fun of him. And Tim isn’t sure if he believes in the legend or not. How can he dedicate his whole life to something he has never seen?