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The Perfect Distance

By: Kim Ablon Whitney
Format: eBook
Imprint: Laurel Leaf
ISBN: 9780307433978
12/18/2007 - $5.99
Categories: Sports & Recreation - General, Animals - Horses, Girls & Women,

Seventeen-year-old Francie Martinez rides with one of the best equitation trainers in the country, and works as a groom to pay her way. She’s dreamed of winning the Maclay finals, and now that it’s her last year to compete the pressure is really on. But just when Francie needs to focus more than ever, everything turns upside down, and soon she’s not so sure if winning is really all that important, much less the point.
In this fast-paced coming-of-age story, brimming with fascinating details about the competitive horse world, Kim Ablon Whitney has drawn on her own experiences to create a backdrop perfect for Francie’s story as she tries to figure out who she wants to be and what really matters in life.

From the Hardcover edition.