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Gold Rush Winter

By: Claire Rudolf Murphy
illustrated by: Richard Waldrep

Klondy and her mother are finally joining Klondy’s father in Alaska. But does Papa have time for a daughter? Or is he too busy hunting for gold?From the Trade Paperback edition.


By: Gloria Whelan
illustrated by: Leslie Bowman

Nine-year-old Hannah would do almost anything to go to school with all the other children in town. But Hannah is blind, and her parents keep her at home, where she is safe. Then Lydia Robbin, a strong-willed...

Night of the Full Moon

By: Gloria Whelan
illustrated by: Leslie Bowman

In the winter of 1840, the night of the full moon is approaching. Nothing will stop Libby Mitchell from visiting her best friend, Fawn, during a special ceremony at the nearby wigwam camp. But Libby’s...

Shadow of the Wolf

By: Gloria Whelan

Libby Mitchell can’t believe her luck! In 1841, her pioneer family decides to move north—near her best friend, Fawn, who lives with the Ottawa tribe. But the girls’ happiness at reuniting...

The Minstrel in the Tower

By: Gloria Skurzynski

An adventurous rescue set in the time of medieval knights, castles, bandits, and music. Before their father returns to France from the Crusades, daring Alice and musical Roger set off on their own...

Next Spring an Oriole

By: Gloria Whelan

A pioneer adventure perfect for fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series!  On Libby Mitchell’s tenth birthday, she and her parents climb into a covered wagon and set off on a...

Pioneer Cat

By: William H. Hooks
ilustrated by: Charles Robinson

Every pioneer girl should have a cat she takes with her on the Oregon Trail. Nine-year-old Kate Purdy is traveling from Missouri to Oregon by wagon train, and she’s worried. She isn’t...