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The Worry Web Site

By: Jacqueline Wilson

A wonderful collection of linked short stories from this enormously popular and bestselling author.Is anything bothering you? Problems in school or at home? Don’t know what to do or where to turn?...

Maximum Recharge! (Generator Rex)

By: Billy Wrecks
illustrated by: Golden Books

Based on Generator Rex, the hit animated series from Cartoon Network, this full-color activity book is packed with puzzle, mazes, codes, paper airplanes—and over 200 stickers. Boys 6-9 will feel...

Child X

By: Lee Weatherley

Juliet is passionate about acting and has been given the chance to star as the lead role in the play Northern Lights (based on Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass). But at home, her life is not so happy....

The Swarm (Generator Rex)

By: Billy Wrecks
illustrated by: Robert Roper

How can a hero with metal fists and steel-toed stomping boots stop a hungry swarm of metal-eating locusts? Find out in this awesome 3-D storybook based on Cartoon Network's Generator Rex. It features a...

Evos and Heroes (Generator Rex)

By: Billy Wrecks
illustrated by: Golden Books