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I Was a Third Grade Spy

By: Mary Jane Auch

Believe it or not–and you better believe it–Josh’s dog Arful can talk! This is very useful to Josh and his pals who want to win the school talent contest. First the boys have to find...

iCarly Rocks! In 3-D (iCarly)

By: Mary Man-Kong
illustrated by: Golden Books

Join in the wacky fun with the hottest Web stars from Nickelodeon's iCarly—Carly and Sam! With eye-popping activities, puzzles, and games, this full-color 3-D book also includes two pairs of rockin'...

In the Dinosaur's Paw

By: Patricia Reilly Giff

It's the first day back to school after winter vacation, and Richard Best is off to a bad start. Who ever heard of a January without any snow? And as usual, he has already forgotten something--the ruler...

Indie Kidd: Are We Having Fun Yet (Hmmm?)

By: Karen McCombie
illustrated by: Lydia Monks

Indie Kidd is simply crazy about animals. She feels terrible when her best(est) friend Fee’s cat is run over. Poor Fee is lost without her beloved pet, Garfield. Indie will do anything to help her...

Indie Kidd: Being Grown Up Is Cool (Not!)

By: Karen McCombie
illustrated by: Lydia Monks

INDIE KIDD CAN'T wait to be a cool grown-up. Actually, she wants to be a cool grown-up right now. Lately Indie's mother has been acting weird and treating her like she's a little kid. Indie thinks it would...

Indie Kidd: How to Be Goodish

By: Karen McCombie
illustrated by: Lydia Monks

Meet Indie Kidd, who is celebrating her 10th birthday. Or she would be celebrating if it weren't for a horrible school project. Indie's teacher loves making lists and wants the students to list their top...

Indie Kidd: Oops, I Lost My Best(est) Friends

By: Karen McCombie
illustrated by: Lydia Monks

There's no way Indie Kidd would ever want to be without her best(est) friends, Soph and Fee. Indie knows how much fun it is having friends, so she gets to work on the very important project of helping...

Marvin Redpost #3: Is He a Girl?

By: Louis Sachar

This chapter book in Newbery Honor–winning and bestselling author Louis Sachar’s Marvin Redpost series offers a sidesplitting take on the differences between girls and boys!   When Casey...

The Icicle Forest

By: Gail Herman
illustrated by: Laura Maestro

Olivia and Belinda are on a mission--to find the most beautiful snowflake ever. So they go to Jack Frost's icicle forest and have the most amazing time. But when a sudden snowstorm covers their trail,...