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The Gecko and Sticky: The Greatest Power

By: Wendelin Van Draanen
illustrated by: Stephen Gilpin

Could you choose between a superpower and a friend?The evil treasure hunter Damien Black needs some quick cash—so he robs the local bank. But Damien Black didn’t figure Dave Sanchez into his...

The Gecko and Sticky: The Power Potion

By: Wendelin Van Draanen;illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

Dave Sanchez (aka The Gecko) and his pet gecko (aka Sticky) are back in their fourth dangerous encounter with the dastardly treasure hunter Damien Black! Thirteen-year-old Dave Sanchez is a daytime...

The Gecko and Sticky: Villain's Lair

By: Wendelin Van Draanen;illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

Dave Sanchez is an average boy with an after-school job and a pet gecko named Sticky. All very normal—until the day Sticky talks. Sticky tells Dave a wild tale of a former life of crime, searching...

The Gospel According to Larry

By: Janet Tashjian

Josh Swensen is not your average 17-year-old. At the age of two, he was figuring out algebraic equations with colored magnetic numbers. He is a prodigy who only wants to make the world a better place....