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La Historia de la Navidad

By: Jane Werner Watson
translations by Teresa Mlawer; illustrated by: Eloise Wilkin

¡Por primera vez una edición en español de The Christmas Story, uno de los clásicos de Golden Books!   La traducción al español de The Christmas Story —la...

LarryBoy & the Fib from Outer Space! (VeggieTales)

By: Golden Books

JUNIOR ASPARAGUS IS in a pickle! After he breaks his dad’s favorite bowling plate, a strange creature named Fib shows up and convinces him to lie about it. Junior is happy that his dad doesn’t...

Little Golden Book Bible Favorites

By: Christin Ditchfield and Pamela Broughton

Three favorite Little Golden Book Bible stories (Bible Heroes; Bible Stories of Boys and Girls; and Miracles of Jesus) are presented in their entirety in a quality hardcover volume. At only $6.99, it's...

Little Golden Book Collection: Inspirational Tales

By: Golden Books; Various Illustrators

There’s nothing like a Little Golden Book—and everyone’s favorites are sure to be found in this deluxe, affordable collection. Beautifully bound, this volume of inspirational books features...

The Little Drummer Boy

By: Irene Trimble

This full-color storybook is a simple and touching retelling of the popular holiday classic TV special, The Little Drummer Boy.

The Longest Night

By: Laurel Snyder
illustrated by: Catia Chien

Here's a picture book for all Jewish families to read while celebrating Passover. Unlike other Passover picture books that focus on the contemporary celebration of the holiday, or are children's haggadahs,...