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The Wonder of Easter

By: Samuel J. Butcher

The Berenstain Bears and the Big Question

By: Stan & Jan Berenstain
illustrated by: the authors

Heaven's Little Helpers

By: Samuel J. Butcher

The Children's Book of Faith

By: edited by William J. Bennett
illustrated by: Michael Hague

A wonderful inspirational treasury of beloved prayers, stories, hymns, Bible passages, and more--collected in a beautifully illustrated hardcover edition destined to become a classic. A must-have for every...

The Berenstain Bears and the Big Question

By: Stan and Jan Berenstain
illustrated by: the authors

Saying grace gets Sister Bear wondering. “What’s God?” she asks Mama Bear.  Mama Bear tries to answer, but each answer leads to another question. Just then, Gramps and Gran...

Moses' Ark

By: Written by Alice Bach and J. Cheryl Exum
illustrated by: Leo and Diane Dillon

A book for families to share, Moses' Ark is an engaging collection of thirteen stories—some well known, some lesser known—based on the new translations from the Hebrew and written...

What a Wonderful World

By: Samuel J. Butcher

The Gifts of Christmas

By: Samuel J. Butcher


The Genius of Islam

By: Bryn Barnard

Book Talk
Do you know which society was the first to mass-produce paper?  What about who the first people to turn numbers into the symbols we use now?  By the sixteenth century, the Islamic religion...

Amen, L.A.

By: Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gottesfeld

Natalie makes a personal decision that she later regrets the night before her family moves from small-town Minnesota to Los Angeles, California.  Her minister mother has accepted...

Ringside, 1925

By: Jen Bryant

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