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Amazing Snakes

By: Alexandra Parsons

Full-color photos & full-color illus. "Using amazingly clear photographs and well-known snake species, the author offers interesting bits of information about individual species and snakes in...

First Kids

By: Gibbs Davis
Illustrated by: Sally Wern Comport

Kids will be kids—even when they live in the White House! From Tad Lincoln (secretly called a “tyrant” ) to the Roosevelt gang (who kept a pet badger, a rat, dogs, snakes, horses, parrots,...


By: Judy Donnelly

Illus. in full color & full-color photos. "The story of Apollo II's historic flight, from lift-off, through 'The Eagle has landed,' to splashdown and quarantine. Donnelly does a good job of setting...

The Titanic: Lost and Found

By: Donnelly

Titanic. Just the name evokes tales of the doomed ship that have captivated people of all ages for more than 100 years. Early readers will enjoy this exciting account of the world's most famous disaster-at-sea...

Come Over to My House

By: Dr. Seuss
illustrated by: Katie Kath

A backlist gem unavailable for over 20 years gets a new look!   This delightful Dr. Seuss book has come back—with a brand new look! Written in 1966, this multi-cultural Beginner Book about home...

Amazing Poisonous Animals

By: Alexandra Parsons

Full-color photos & full-color illus. Authoritative, accessible, and stunningly designed, this unique photographic nature book shows beginning readers how creatures such as the Gila monster and the...

Amazing Birds

By: Alexandra Parsons

Full-color photos; full-color illus. Here are vultures, ostriches, penguins, and all sorts of intriguing birds.  

Tut's Mummy

By: Judy Donnelly

Illus. in full color with black-and-white & full-color photos. "Beginning with the death of Tutankhamen, the book moves forward to archaeologist Howard Carter's discovery of the tomb. Information about...

Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.

By: James T. deKay

Illus. with black-and-white photos. This revised edition of the popular Random House Step Up(TM) Biography of the great civil-rights leader and advocate for peaceful resistance now includes new text and...