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Fly Like a Fish/Short-Order Showdown (SpongeBob SquarePants)

By: Golden Books
illustrated by: Caleb Maurer

Two great SpongeBob stories in one book! In the first retelling of a popular episode, kids will find out if SpongeBob can learn to fly, then they can flip the book over for more seafaring silliness. In...

Glamour Girl (Barbie)

By: Golden Books
illustrated by: Atelier Philippe Harchy

Barbie TM is the glamour girl! She’s in Paris modeling the newest styles, shopping with friends, and enjoying the sights. Girls can use the stylish lipstick-shaped pen to complete the activity-packed...

Ride Along the Countryside (Thomas & Friends)

By: Golden Books
illustrated by: Tino Santanach

Fall is a busy time for all the engines on the Island of Sodor. Children can be part of the fun when they follow Thomas and his friends as they celebrate the season. The back cover includes a cutout game.In...

Let's Dance! (Dora the Explorer)

By: Golden Books
illustrated by: Jason Fruchter

Oh mannn! Thr Dancing Elf has tricked Swiper the Fox into switching places with him in a bottle . . . and now he can’t get out! It’s up to Dora and friends to dance their way through 16-painting...

Barbie: Story Collection (Barbie)

By: Bill Gordh, Carol Pugliano-Martin, Salile Orr, Jessie Parker, Apple Jordan Illustrated by Karen Wolcott

A Perfect Fit

By: Cynthia Hands

Imagine what would happen if the glass slipper actually fit one of Cinderella's wicked step sisters rather than Cinderella. Young princess fans will find out in this tie-in to Disney's brand-new DVD, Cinderella...

Travel with Thomas (Thomas & Friends)

By: Rev Thomas Awdry

This title contains three great Thomas stories. Join Thomas and his friends on their adventures around the Island of Sodor!

Stick Together! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

By: Golden Books

Spongebob and Patrick learn about the power of art when they discover a magic pencil that brings their drawings to life. Children can add a little magic to their own pictures with the included two pages...