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The Stories Huey Tells

By: Ann Cameron
illustrated by: Roberta Smith

If you loved The Stories Julian Tells, just wait until you meet his younger brother, Huey! It isn't easy being Julian's younger brother. When Huey has bad dreams, Julian says his are scarier. When...

Urban Babies Wear Black

By: Michelle Sinclair Colman
Illustrated by: Nathalie Dion

Infantus urbanus (defn.): Young mammal raised in city environment. Infantus urbanus love nights at the opera, modern architecture, and fine cuisine. Difficult to spot at night due to their penchant for...

Cat Traps

By: Molly Coxe

Cat wants a snack.  Cat sets a trap.  Cat gets...in trouble!  Simple sentences and snappy illustrations make this a purr-fect first step into the joy of reading.