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Bess's Log Cabin Quilt

By: Anne D. Love

Bess Morgan longs for the day when her Pa will come back home. He's been working on the Oregon Trail, bringing settlers out West, and his return is long overdue. Bess and Mama pass the time by singing,...

The Castaways

By: Iain Lawrence

ADRIFT AT SEA, Tom Tin and his four convict companions are only too glad when they come upon a deserted ship. The boys clamber aboard, not knowing whether they've been saved or set on a course toward doom....

The Convicts

By: Iain Lawrence

After seeing his father hauled off to debtor’s prison, Tom Tin sets out to take revenge on Mr. Goodfellow, the man responsible for his family’s misfortunes. But the fog-filled London streets...

Calico Dorsey

By: Susan Lendroth

Neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night kept this poch from his appointed rounds! Back in the 1880s, when the Old West boomed with the rush for gold and silver, the miners of Calico, California, needed...

The Cannibals

By: Iain Lawrence

As Tom Tin nears Australia, where he’s to serve a lengthy sentence for a murder he didn’t commit, he and his fellow convict, Midgely, plot their escape. No matter that the ship carrying them...

I Remember the Alamo

By: D. Anne Love

Jessie’s not surprised when her father says they’ll be moving from their Kentucky home to a better life in Texas. But there’s no work for her father in their new small town and Jessie...

Ocean Wide, Ocean Deep

By: Susan Lendroth

Nineteenth-century Cape Cod is the backdrop for this lyrical picturebook about a young girl waiting for her father to return from an ocean journey. As the seasons pass, her baby brother learns to walk,...