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Bandit's Moon

By: Sid Fleischman; illustrated Jos. A. Smith

After a narrow escape from the nasty O. O. Mary's clutches, Annyrose ventures forth to find her long-lost brother Lank in gold-digging territory. But the journey is rough, bandits and fiends waiting for...

The Great Brain at the Academy

By: John Fitzgerald

Everyone knew that Tom Fitzgerald, alias The  Great Brain, would get into trouble when he went off  to school at the strict Catholic Academy for Boys  in Salt Lake City. But...

The Great Brain Reforms

By: John Fitzgerald

Imogene's Last Stand

By: Candace Fleming
illustrated by: Nancy Carpenter

Meet Imogene Tripp, a plucky girl with a passion for history. As a baby, her first words were “Four score and seven years ago.” In preschool, she finger-painted a map of the Oregon Trail. So...

The Great Brain Does it Again

By: John Fitzgerald

"As entertaining as ever...readers will fall happily under The Great Brain's spell."--School Library Journal.

Me and My Little Brain

By: John Fitzgerald

When that shrewd conniver, Tom, the infamous Great Brain, is sent to school in Salt Lake City, his favorite victim, J.D., figures he can step into his brother's shoes as town hustler. Nothing's wrong with...

The Long March

By: Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

"This deeply moving work quietly and effectively underscores the drama and pathos of a little-known historical episode. In 1847 the Choctaw, themselves impoverished, raised $170 (the equivalent of...