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Leaving Jetty Road

By: Rebecca Burton

Nat, Lise, and Sofia are best friends. This year, their last year of high school, none of them foresees the changes that will occur in their lives.This is the year that Nat—the go-between, the peacemaker—gets...

Little Rabbit's Loose Tooth

By: Lucy Bate: illustrated by Diane De Groat

What should Little Rabbit do with her loose tooth when it comes out in a dish of chocolate ice cream? Throw it away?Wear it on a necklace?Draw stars around it and hang it on the wall?Try to buy some candy...

Little Witch Takes Charge!

By: Deborah Hautzig
illustrated by: Sylvie Wickstrom

When her entire family gets a cold, Little Witch takes charge! She makes them soup, get-well cards, and even calls a witch doctor! In the end, Little Witch learns the importance of taking care of herself,...

Louise Trapeze Is Totally 100% Fearless

By: Micol Ostow
illustrated by: Brigette Barrager

Spunky, sweet, and totally brave (mostly)! Louise Trapeze dazzles and delights emerging young readers.    Ladies and gentleman! Boys and girls! Feast your eyes on the one, the only,...