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Pooh va al doctor

By: RH Disney

Get Moving with Elmo! (Sesame Street)

By: Random House
illustrated by: Joe Mathieu

Elmo (with his mommy as spotting for safety) demonstrates a somersault, cartwheel, and tripod-into-handstand to show toddlers how much fun it can be to move around, shake things up, and get some exercise!...

Elmo's Breakfast Bingo (Sesame Street)

By: Random House
Illustrated by: Louis Womble

Using a funny–sometimes wacky–multiple-choice guessing game, Elmo teaches kids about the importance of starting the day with a good breakfast. Packed with facts and fun, this book makes breakfast...

Pooh Gets a Checkup

By: RH Disney

Pooh learns that getting a checkup isn’t scary at all, especially when Owl’s the doctor and Christopher Robin is right there to hold his paw.

The Busy Body Book

By: Lizzy Rockwell
illustrated by: the author

A celebration of the amazing human machine and a life on the move!Your amazing body can jump, sprint, twist, and twirl. Your body is built to move.Lizzy Rockwell explains how your bones and muscles, heart...

Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good for You

By: Tish Rabe

The Cat in the Hat joins forces with the Partnership for a Healthier America!In this newly revised editiion—with 16 pages of bonus materials—the Cat in the Hat takes young readers to a Seussian...

My Thomas Potty Book (Thomas & Friends)

By: Random House

Illustrated with photos of toddlers as they practice potty training, this ebook features Thomas the Tank Engine and friends offering encouragement as toddlers work toward the moment when they can say,...