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By: Hans Christian Andersen

The Ugly Duckling

By: Golden Books

The Ugly Guide to Being Alive and Staying That Way (Uglydolls)

By: David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim

Where are Uglys born? Where do they go to school? And what is Big Toe’s Eaty Feed Speeder? Whether you’re born in the Uglyverse or plan on moving there, you’ll need the Ugly Guide to...

The Undertaker's Gone Bananas

By: Paul Zindel

Bobby Perkins knew the minute he sawMr. Hulka, his sinister new neighbor, that the man was evil.  Then one morning, while spying on the man, who works as an undertaker, Bobby thinks he witnesses...

The Undrowned Child

By: Michelle Lovric

Teodora has always longed to visit Venice, and at last she has her chance. But strange and sinister things are afoot in the beautiful floating city. Teo is quickly subsumed into a secret world in which...

The Unforgettable Joke Book (Disney/Pixar Finding Dory)

By: RH Disney
illustrated by: RH Disney

Disney/Pixar Finding Dory reunites the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way. This book of jokes based...

The Ungrateful Dead

By: Rose Cooper

Middle school is a life and death experience for Annabel Craven, a girl able to communicate with the spirit world with her phone. From the author of I TEXT DEAD PEOPLE! All Annabel Craven wants is...

The Unlikely Romance of Kate Buorkman

By: Louise Plummer

Hi, I'm Kate Bjorkman. If you're reading this, I must have gotten published. If you're turned off  by romance novels, don't be. I don't like them  myself. They're full of three-paragraph...

The Unstoppable Ultimo!/Classified: Friends & Foes (Marvel: Iron Man)

By: Frank Berrios
illustrated by: Patrick Spaziante

As if school weren’t hard enough, teenager Tony Stark must also deal with the duties of being the superhero known as Iron Man! Young readers will enjoy the high-tech action and adventure of this...