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By: John Marsden

Tonight before I started writing this, it was me confronting Jack. It was so real I could smell it.Suddenly, according to my imagination, I'd be on my feet, screaming, "Why didn't you leave us alone?...

Saving Jessica

By: Lurlene McDaniel

Jessica McMillian and Jeremy Travino are a perfect couple.   But now Jessica has been diagnosed as having kidney failure.   She is on dialysis three days a week and is so depressed...

For Better, For Worse, Forever

By: Lurlene McDaniel

In this companion to Till Death Do Us Part, grief-stricken April Lancaster is devastated by the loss of Mark Gianni, and she and her parents have gone to the island of St.  Croix for an extended...

Time to Let Go

By: Lurlene McDaniel

The doctors assure Erin Bennett and her parents that they can't find a physical cause for her headaches. But the throbbing, violent pain is so intense that Erin knows she needs help. Even landing the lead...

She Died Too Young

By: Lurlene McDaniel

Chelsea James and Katie O'Roark met at Jenny House and spent a wonderful summer together.Now Chelsea and her mother are staying with Katie as Chelsea awaits news concerning a heart transplant. While waiting...

A Very Special Critter

By: Mercer Mayer

Sixteen and Dying

By: Lurlene McDaniel

You don't know me, but I know about you....  I can't make you live longer. I can't stop you  from hurting. But I can give you one wish, as  someone did for me. It's hard for...

Mourning Song

By: Lurlene McDaniel

You don't know me, but I know about you.... I  can't make you live longer, I can't stop you from  hurting. But I can give you one wish, as someone did  for me.It's been months...

Somewhere Between Life and Death

By: Lurlene McDaniel

The celebration isn't supposed to end in tragedy. The night of their high-school drama group's cast party starts out as fun for sisters Amy and Erin.Their lives come crashing down when Amy takes the car...


Moon Pie

By: Simon Mason

Martha and her brother Tug have a perfect life until their mother dies and their father starts acting strange.  Soon after the funeral, their father quits his job and they have to move...

The Decoding of Lana Morris

By: Laura and Tom McNeal

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