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Chasing Shadows

By: Swati Avasthi
illustrated by: Craig Phillips

“A superb novel about grief, friendship, and mental illness, mixing in graphic-novel elements and themes from Hindu mythology.” —Publishers Weekly, Starred   Corey, Holly, and Savitri...

Chinese Handcuffs

By: Chris Crutcher

College Girls

By: Francine Pascal

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are about to begin the most exciting year of their lives....Jessica has everything she's dreamed of: freedom, independence, and all the guys on campus-except the one she...

Conditions of Love

By: Ruth Pennebaker

Sarah Morgan's world is spinning out of control . . . and it couldn't have happened at a more confusing time. While coming to grips with the truth about the recently deceased father that she idolized,...

Contents Under Pressure

By: Lara M. Zeises

A fresh, honest look at the difficult choices and unexpected joys in a girl’s life under pressure.Lucy Doyle is about to explode. She’s sure her name might as well be Loser because she‘s...

The Center of the World

By: Andreas Steinhöfel
translated from German by: Alisa Jaffa

Seventeen-year-old Phil has felt like an outsider as long as he can remember. All Phil has ever known about his father is that he was Number Three on his mother’s long list—third in a series...

The Cool Crowd

By: Francine Pascal

What could be better than a party at the Wakefields' to introduce new classmates and old friends?When her parents go out of town, Jessica figures it's the perfect time to show her new friends and classmates...

The Crossing

By: Gary Paulsen

Manny Bustos is an orphan, scrabbling for survival on the streets of Juáurez, Mexico. He sleeps in a cardboard box and fights with boys bigger and older than him for the coins American tourists through...


The Chamber of Five

By: Michael Harmon

In Jason’s world, money equals power and power equals control.  He easily climbs the ladder to success at theLambertSchoolfor the Gifted and is invited to join the exclusive ruling club,...


By: Barbara Wright

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