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Boy. Friend.

By: Francine Pascal

You shouldn't date your best friend--even if you really want to.  Right?Kristin has had a crush on Brian Rainey since about...forever.  Of course, she would totally die if he ever found...


By: Francine Pascal

Jessica...on a track team?From the minute Bethel saw Jessica Wakefield she thought, no way.  No way was that girl going to make it on the track team.  Pretty Jessica wouldn't want to...

College Girls

By: Francine Pascal

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are about to begin the most exciting year of their lives....Jessica has everything she's dreamed of: freedom, independence, and all the guys on campus-except the one she...

Jersey Tomatoes are the Best

By: Maria Padian

This is a hilarious and heartbreaking story of two teen girls and the summer when everything changes for them. Both Henry and Eva are New Jersey natives and excellent athletes: Henry's a master on the...

The Last Safe Place on Earth

By: Richard Peck

Todd, 15, thinks life in the quality community of Walden Woods is perfect, until Laurel, his dream girl, comes to babysit for his sister and reveals the forces of fundamentalism and censorship at work...

Fresh Girl

By: Jaira Placide

Mardi was born in New York, but her parents sent her to Haiti to be raised in her grandmother’s house while they worked. When a coup d’état means 12-year-old Mardi and her sister must...

Boy Meets Girl

By: Francine Pascal

Jeremy is as wonderful as anyone she's ever known.  So why can't Jessica get Will Simmons out of her thoughts?Jessica Wakefield finally found him.Jeremy.The one who loves her for who she is.The...

I've Got a Secret

By: Francine Pascal

Can Jessica hide her past?Jeremy Aames is the perfect guy for Jessica Wakefield.  He's cute, smart--and he doesn't know any of the terrible rumors that are flying around about her.  But...

The Rifle

By: Gary Paulsen

In 1768, a gunsmith named Cornish McManus built a rifle of such accuracy that he know he could never create another like it. He intended to treasure his masterpiece, but with a new wife to provide for,...


Out of Nowhere

By: Maria Padian

Tom Bouchard occupied his time with three things: soccer, school and girls. Not necessarily in that order. Senior year was going to be sweet for Tom and his best friend Donnie. But when...