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The Turn of the Tide

By: Rosanne Parry

From acclaimed author Rosanne Parry comes an exciting and tender friendship story about two cousins looking for their destiny.   On a beautiful day in June, the ground broke open.   In Japan,...

The Year Without Michael

By: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Bad things aren’t supposed to happen to good people. But somewhere between home and the softball field, 16-year-old Jody Chapman’s younger brother disappeared, and now the family is falling...

A Dance for Three

By: Louise Plummer

Hannah: I didn’t even have periods two years ago, and now I’m probably pregnant. When did I forget how to be a child?Trilby: My mom thinks I should go visit Hannah. . . . I don’t know...

Your Basic Nightmare

By: Francine Pascal

What do you do when you know your boyfriend cares for someone else?Melissa Fox has ruined Jessica Wakefield's life.She's turned practically everyone at school against her--Except the person who matters...

The Cool Crowd

By: Francine Pascal

What could be better than a party at the Wakefields' to introduce new classmates and old friends?When her parents go out of town, Jessica figures it's the perfect time to show her new friends and classmates...

A Married Woman

By: Francine Pascal

Out of Nowhere

By: Maria Padian

Winner of the Maine Literary AwardCalled “rich and multidimensional” by School Library Journal in a starred review, Out of Nowhere follows Tom Bouchard: captain and star of the Enniston High...

A Different Kind of Heat

By: Antonio Pagliarulo

Luz Cordero is on fire. She’s burning up with rage. She was there the night her brother got killed. She saw the cop pull the trigger. She tried to do something positive about it by going to protests,...

The Glass Cafe

By: Gary Paulsen

THE STORY IS all true and happened to me and is mine.Tony’s mom, Al, is a terrific single mother who works as a dancer at the Kitty Kat Club. Twelve-year-old Tony is a budding artist, inspired by...


Out of Nowhere

By: Maria Padian

Tom Bouchard occupied his time with three things: soccer, school and girls. Not necessarily in that order. Senior year was going to be sweet for Tom and his best friend Donnie. But when...