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The Alphabet Keeper

By: Mary Murphy
illustrated by: the author

The Alphabet Keeper keeps all the letters caged in the dark. But one day they escape while she’s cleaning their cage–and then there is no stopping them! The clever letters are on the loose,...

Zip! Pop! Hop! and Other Fun Words to Say (Sesame Street)

By: Michaela Muntean
illustrated by: David Prebenna

Elmo and his friends have lots of fun saying oodles of words with interesting sounds—and which sometimes feel a little funny in the mouth—such as pop, zip, hopscotch, growl, snip, gurgle,...

500 Palabras Nuevas Para Ti

By: Harry McNaught

An excellent vocabulary builder with names of objects in English and Spanish and accompanying illustrations grouped by topics such as colors, toys, animals, and tools. ----------Un excelente constructor...