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Fred and Ted like to Fly

By: Peter Anthony Eastman

Fred and Ted—beloved canine stars of P. D. Eastman's Big Dog . . . Little Dog and son Peter Eastman's Fred and Ted Go Camping—take flight on a new adventure: flying planes to a tropical island!...

Big Dog...Little Dog: Interactive Edition

By: P.D. Eastman

P.D. Eastman's classic concept book comes to tail-wagging life on the screen as Fred and Ted, two dogs who are as different as can be, embody polar opposites. Young kids will marvel as raindrops fall,...

Big Dog...Little Dog

By: P.D. Eastman

Meet best friends Fred (Big Dog) and Ted (Little Dog) in P. D. Eastman’s classic Beginner Book. Though one is big and one is little, and one loves green and one loves red, these pup pals—along...