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Little Witch Takes Charge!

By: Deborah Hautzig
illustrated by: Sylvie Wickstrom

When her entire family gets a cold, Little Witch takes charge! She makes them soup, get-well cards, and even calls a witch doctor! In the end, Little Witch learns the importance of taking care of herself,...

The Legacy of Gloria Russell

By: Sheri Gilbert

A poignant debut novel about a boy’s struggle with the loss of his best friend—and the truth about his small town’s ostracism of a lonely stranger.From the moment she touched Satan, my...

The Little Mermaid (Disney Princess)

By: Stephanie Calmenson

Ariel is tired of living under the sea–she wants to be human and walk on land. She gets her chance after making a deal with an evil sea witch, but something’s fishy! Can Flounder, Sebastian,...