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The Yellow Tutu: Read & Listen Edition

By: Kirsten Bramsen
Illustrated by: Carin Bramsen

It’s just tutu much fun!What do you do with a beautiful yellow tutu? Why, put it on your head and pretend you’re a ray of sunshine! Little girls will love the story of Margo, a girl...

Los Osos Berenstain y Demasiada Fiesta

By: Stan & Jan Berenstain
illustrated by: the authors

The Yellow Tutu

By: Kirsten Bramsen
Illustrated by: Carin Bramsen

You can never have tutu much fun!

Grand & Wonderful Day

By: Darrell Baker


By: Anthony Browne

The Great Tulip Trade

By: Beth Wagner Brust
illustrated by: Jenny Mattheson

Anna’s father gives her the most wonderful present for her birthday—eight beautiful tulips! But tulips in Holland in the 1600s are more precious than gold or jewels, and everyone who walks...

Arthur Breaks the Bank

By: Marc Brown

Arthur is not very good at saving money. So when he begins mowing lawns and walking dogs for extra money, D.W. wants to know why. “It’s a secret,” he says and everyday he stuffs more...