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This Little Light of Mine

By: Raffi
illustrated by: Stacey Schuett

Raffi’s take on this traditional favorite is perfectly matched with Stacey Schuett’s adorable illustrations. A school play is the setting for Raffi’s latest Song to Read, and it’s...

Country Bears, The: Official Fan Book

By: RH Disney

Country Bears fans, this one is for you! This 48-page official fan book is filled with full-color photos and loads of facts about one of the most influential rock bands around. Learn about Fred and Ted...

The Little Ballerina

By: Katherine Ross

Illustrated in full color. The Little Ballerina will dance her way into the hearts of little girls everywhere. Readers will share her determination as she practices the five basic positions, works at the...

Ballerina Princess (Disney Princess)

By: RH Disney

Tutus and toe-shoes—what could be more fun? A Princess wearing them—of course! For the first time ever, the Disney Princesses become ballerinas. Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, and others will...

For the Love of Music

By: by Elizabeth Rusch
paintings by: Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

By the time she was 12, she was considered one of the finest pianists in Europe, but today few people know her name. Maria Mozart, like her famous brother Wolfgang, was a musical prodigy. The talented...

Baby Beluga

By: Raffi

Illus. in full color.

Down by the Bay

By: Raffi
illustrated by: Nadine Bernard Westcott

Illus. in full color. "Bright, clear colors humorously portray the busy children, jolly animals, and frantic mothers that populate the song. Music (melody line, with chords marked) is included."--School...

Art Against the Odds

By: Susan Goldman Rubin

A fascinating exploration of the healing power of art.Children and adults alike find comfort in making things, but never has the act of creating been so poignant as when it is done during times of duress,...

Imagination Song

By: Joe Raposo
illustrated by: Laurent Linn

This lovely full-color version of the Joe Raposo classic was first heard on Sesame Street more than 25 years ago. It’s a charming celebration of the imagination — where anything can happen!...