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Winter Wood

By: Steve Augarde



Midge thought that her encounters with the Various, the hidden tribes of little people hiding from the human world on her family?s farm, were behind her. In order to ensure their continued survival, these desperate tribes have reached out to Midge for help locating the Orbis, an ancient artifact entrusted to Midge?s great-great Aunt Celandine. But how is twelve-year-old Midge supposed to help? The only thing she knows about Celandine is that a photograph of her hangs in Midge's bedroom. No one in the family even knows what happened to Celandine or if she is still alive. Midge discovers Celandine tucked away in a nursing home not far from the farm. But Celandine is quite old and has lost her memory of the time she spent with the Various. And Celandine certainly has no idea about what she did with the Orbis. How is Midge ever going to locate the Orbis and save the day?


Prepared by Shauna Yusko, Teacher-Librarian, Evergreen Junior High, Redmond , Washington