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Will in Scarlet Book Talk

By: Matthew Cody


His father missing, their kingdom under attack, and no money to mention, Will Scarlet goes on the run in order to avoid being killed.  His unknowing venture into Sherwood Forest lands him a spot in one of the most notorious criminal gangs around:  The Merry Men.  Don’t let the name fool you.  This ragtag group of bandits isn’t above attacking those unfortunate enough to end up in “their” forest for treasures and money.  Of course, they also have to beware of the Crooked’s Men group—bandits even more bloodthirsty than Will’s new group and who believe Sherwood Forest belongs to them.  Can Will survive as a bandit even though he was raised as the heir to the throne?  Will Will ever be able to exact revenge on Sir Guy, the man who led the revolt against his kingdom?  As each day passes, the possibility of any of these happening becomes more slim.  Join Will and The Merry Men as they fight for money, honor, and loyalty.

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, Texas