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Wildcat Fireflies

By: Amber Kizer


Sweet sixteen usually marks a turning point in a girl’s life, but for Meridian Sozu, it’s a life-changing birthday. It’s the day she discovered she’s a Fenestra--an angel in human form who helps the dying pass into the beyond.  And it’s the day Meridian discovered she is hunted by the evil forces of the Nocti. Now, almost a year later, Meridian is still on the run, but at least her Protector, Tens Valdes, is always at her side. Besides learning to control her gift, which could lead to her death, Meridian must find another Fenestra, Juliet, who is about to be turned by the Nocti.  Tens and Meridian track her to a creepy nursing/foster home, Dunklebarger, in Indiana where the children and elderly residents might as well be dead. Juliet has managed to care for the younger children as best she can under the terror of the headmistress, but as she approached her sixteenth birthday evil surrounds her.  With the help of some mystical animals, understanding townspeople and fireflies, Meridian and Tens rush to rescue Juliet before her not-so-sweet sixteenth birthday.

Prepared by Julie Fales, Shawnee Mission South High School Journalism Adviser, Overland Park, KS