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Who Needs Magic?

By: Kathy McCullough


It’s summer. And Delany Collins is finally used to her new life in California. She has a boyfriend, found out that her dad isn’t half bad, and has gotten used to being a fairy godmother. Yes. A bona-fide Cinderella-type granting wishes fairy godmother. The only problem is, Delany hasn’t really granted that one big wish yet. Sure, her chopstick wand is good for making small wishes come true, but this summer Delany wants to prove her worth in Fairy Land.

A job in a mall thrift shop provides her with two things: a place to design her repurposed boots (she’s hoping to start a business) and lots of teenage girls with big wishes she can grant. Now she just needs to find a client. Unfortunately, the first girl Delany meets is pink and princessy, Ariella, who just happens to also be a fairy godmother. Ariella’s on a wish granting roll. With her candy stick wand, she plans to get to 100 wishes before her birthday. When both f.g.’s find clients who are wishing for love with the same boy, let’s just say it’s not a friendship that’s going to end happily ever after.

Prepared by Julie Fales, Shawnee Mission South High School Journalism Adviser, Overland Park, KS