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Welcome to Bordertown

By: Edited by Holly Black and Ellen Kushner

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Believe it.  It exists--that special world between our dreary confining one and the world of faerie known to us as Bordertown.  It is a place where elves like band T-shirts; it is a place for kids to escape to if they want it badly enough. Those who have no place to go or who have no choice but to go somewhere else find their way to Bordertown.  Whether it is a kid who does not remember his name, someone searching to reconnect with his dead love, or a brother who has a talent for “fixing” things who desperately tries to find his lost sister, time is suspended in Bordertown as runaways meet and pass through the doors of the local club, The Dancing Ferret. Thirteen days in Borderland equals thirteen years in our world.  Just remember that there is danger in revealing your true name, and magic can be unpredictable!  Order multiple copies of this collection of short stories, poems, and a graphic novel because word will spread that you can pierce the curtain between the human and elfin worlds.


Prepared by Pat Strawn, Librarian, John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas