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We Were Liars Book Talk

By: E Lockhart


The three daughters of a very wealthy father constantly fight over the estate and the expensive possessions of their parents. However, their father forces them to come to his private island where they all own a home every summer with their children. The three oldest cousins and Gat, a friend of the oldest cousin, are best friends. Called the Liars by themselves and their family, they enjoy their summers on their private island; swimming, boating, snorkeling, building bonfires on the beach, and hanging out. But the year they turn fifteen tragedy strikes, and Cady is left with crippling migraines and amnesia; the event so horrible her mind won’t let her remember. When Cady is seventeen, she returns to the island to piece together what happened and she begins to remember. Life will never be the same for the Sinclair family and their island is no longer be a refuge.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD