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We Are the Goldens Book Talk

By: Dana Reinhardt


Nell and Layla are sisters, the best of friends and each other’s support. Layla willingly paves the way for Nell when she enters high school.  As a freshman, Nell makes the soccer team with her sister who is a junior, Layla takes Nell to the cool parties, and, because of Layla’s good reputation, Nell has a great start.  But their relationship begins to shift when Nell discovers that Layla is intimately involved with her art teacher.  Nell keeps Layla’s secret until she realizes how committed Layla is to the relationship and the lengths she is willing to go to keep it.  When Nell confides in her best friend, he encourages Nell to tell her parents.  Will Nell risk her relationship with Layla to save her from destroying her life?

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD