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By: Gary Paulsen


Vote by Gary Paulsen

When Kevin Spencer decides to run for school president to impress Tina, he has no idea how much of his time and brain will be required to win.  First, he has to have a platform and a campaign plan, then he has to debate his opponent, the good-looking Cash Devine, and finally he has to overcome his somewhat sullied reputation.  Katie, Kevin’s arch enemy, is Cash’s campaign manager, and she does all she can to ensure Kevin’s defeat.  Milania, captain of the basketball team, wants Kevin to win for her own selfish purposes, but she turns on him on Election Day.  In the end, neither of the boys is president, Kevin wins Tina’s heart, and the new president – well, let's just say she got what was coming to her.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD