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By: Sarah Rees Brennan


Having an imaginary friend is nothing unusual, unless you’re still talking to him when you’re in high school. This freakish trait has cramped Kami Glass’ social life, but she’s learned to adapt. Befriending the new girl, Angela, (Unless you were born in the English town, Sorry-in-the-Vale, you’re always new.), starting a school newspaper and researching her town’s history (or would she say, secrets?) keep Kami entertained. When the town’s founding family, the Lynburns, moves back to the Vale, Kami knows it’s a story, but she gets more than she bargained for. One of the Lynburn boys, Jared, is also the imaginary friend she’s been talking with all these years.  And when Kami and Jared discover each other, in the flesh and blood, they begin to understand that their secret all these years is tied to some dark magic involving the Lynburns and the whole town.


Prepared by Julie Fales, Shawnee Mission South High School Journalism Adviser, Overland Park, KS