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The Winter War: A Novel

By: William Durbin



You wouldn't think that surviving polio and learning to walk again would be easy, but compared to defending your home from invading Russians, anything else seems easy. In the Winter War in 1939, the Russian Army invaded Finland assuming that the Finnish people would give up their land without much of a fight?boy, were they wrong! Marko is like many young boys who fight alongside the Finnish Army. He spends most of his time on skis relaying messages, but also he digs trenches, builds bombs, and rescues fallen soldiers in the struggle to keep the Red Army at bay. The evils of the war become all too apparent for Marko after he witnesses the death of his best friend Johan. Will Marko?s efforts make a difference? Will the brutal Finnish winter help defeat the Red Army? How many more trials and losses will Marko face before this war is over? Only time and the weather will tell.


Prepared by Kifi Kanagy, Library Media Specialist, S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary, Greeley, Colorado