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The Winter Pony

By: Iain Lawrence


As a new-born pony, my experiences are limited--at least at first.  I enjoy running around the forest with my mother and the other ponies.  This good life doesn’t last long, though.  I am captured and sold, each time ending up with a master crueler than the last.  Beaten, starved, and broken, I thought I would die like all the other ponies that were captured with me.  Surprisingly, I was rescued.  A kind man named Captain Scott rescued me in order to help him with an exciting new adventure he was beginning.  His plan was to be the first man to lead an expedition to the South Pole.  I was asked to work harder than I ever had before.  However, this work was something I wanted to do.  A sailor named Patrick was my caretaker.  He kept me warm in the blizzards, gave me portions of his food when rations were getting low, and even pulled me up out of a crevasse when the ice broke and I fell through.  He asked a lot of me, but I wanted to please him more than anything.  As Captain Scott led the group the last miles to their destination, it was obvious that none of the ponies had much life left in them, including myself.  Would any of us make it there alive?

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX