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The Warlock

By: Michael Scott

On Alcatraz Island, two human immortals – Machiavelli and Billy the Kid – are about to release loathsome monsters to terrorize and destroy the city of San Francisco. Meanwhile, in the city, a motley group of immortals converge to hunt down the outlaw, Dr. John Dee, who has eluded them so far with the help of his accomplice, Virginia Dare. Sophie Newman, a teenager awakened to amazing powers over the last few days, wrestles with her own fears and doubts as her twin brother, newly awakened to the magic of fire, has joined forces with Dee. For the first time in their lives, the twins are separated, and nobody knows what that will mean for the prophecy about “the two who are one, the one who is all.” Then Sophie encounters help from an unexpected source, someone who has always been part of her life, watching and waiting for this moment to reveal herself. Can Sophie rescue her brother from the insane Dr. John Dee? Can the Flamels and their allies save the world from destruction? And who – or what – is the mysterious Marethyu who has spirited a group of immortals back in time to ensure the destruction of Danu Talis?

Prepared by Connie Rockman, Children's Literature Consultant, adjunct professor of children's and young adult literature, and Editor of the H. W. Wilson Junior Book of Authors and Illustrators series.