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The Undrowned Child

By: Michelle Lovric


Eleven-year-old Teodora has never fit in.  The kids at school tease her for spending all of her free time in libraries, but it’s the only place she’s really ever felt comfortable.  Not knowing why, she begs her adoptive parents to take her to Venice, a city she’s never been to, but is inexplicably drawn to.  Her parents, who are both scientists, reluctantly agree—only because they have been called upon to use their expertise in figuring out why there are strange things happening in the city.  On her first day there, she visits an old bookstore where a book falls from a top shelf and lands directly on her head.  The book, The Key to the Secret City, reveals to her an ancient prophecy she must decipher in order to save Venice from ruins.  With the book and the help of a native Venetian, Renzo, Teo must overcome her timidity and insecurities and be willing to place her life on the line if she is ever to defeat Bajamonte Tiepolo’s evil plan to unleash revenge on the city that labeled him a traitor when he was alive.  Mermaids, ghosts, and many other creatures must all come together at precisely the right time if they ever hope to restore Venice to the beautiful city it once was.


Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, Texas.