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The Sons of Liberty #2: Death and Taxes

By: Alexander and Joseph Lagos
illustrated by: Steve Walker and Oren Kramek


In this intense sequel, two young runaway slaves, Graham and Brody, live in Philadelphia where they work as apprentices in Benjamin Franklin’s print shop.  After murdering the abolitionist Benjamin Lay, the evil Matthew Sorenson vows to track down the masked “demons” who work to protect the innocent.  The colonists grow weary of the endless taxes imposed by England, and rebellion festers.  Franklin’s son William forces his way into the office of Governor of New Jersey.  Benjamin works in England to help the colonists, but his former friends back home work to destroy the tyrant that his son has become.  Graham and Brody must decide whether to use their powers to help the growing rebellion in Philadelphia.  They soon find themselves at odds as to what their purpose should be.  Graham longs for his lost love and a return to Africa while Brody only knows of life in the colonies.  This gripping graphic novel opens a revealing picture of life leading up to the American Revolution.


Prepared by Pat Strawn, Librarian, John Jay High School, San Antonio, Texas.