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The Magic Cake Shop

By: Meika Hashimoto
illustrated by: Josee Masse



Imagine a world with no sugar—no cakes, no pies, no candy.  Well, for Emma, this is reality.  Her oh-so-perfect parents refuse to even allow sugar to enter into their home.  When Emma accidentally stumbles upon a dessert cookbook one day, though, her dreams begin.  If only she could try and make these amazing recipes!  Next thing you know, Emma’s snooty parents ship her off to her horrible Uncle Simon’s house where she must cook all his food, clean his entire house, and run all his errands.  It is on one of these errands that Emma discovers the local bakery—Mr. Crackle’s Cake Shop.  In it, Emma finds delicacies too marvelous to even describe.  But when evil Uncle Simon and his old friend Maximus Beedy concoct a plan to ruin Mr. Crackle and make themselves wildly rich, Emma must step in to help her new friend, Mr. Crackle.  Can Emma save the bakery, or are the evil Simon and Maximus just too clever for them all?

Prepared by Brenda Day, Library Media Specialist, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, TX