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The Lily Pond

By: Annika Thor
translated from the Swedish by: Linda Schenck



Nellie and Stephie have been away from their parents for over a year, and they have finally adjusted to life on the Swedish island where they now live.  Stephie is thrilled that her foster family has agreed to let her attend school on the mainland and stay with a family who has a handsome son five years older than her.  Stephie loves school and enjoys living in the city again, but she is falling in love with Sven and continues to worry about her parents who are still living in Nazi-occupied Vienna.   After Stephie is falsely accused of cheating at school, she returns to her foster family in shame.  She is also heartbroken after being rejected by Sven.  But all is not lost; she soon learns she has friends that are willing to fight for her.

Prepared by Susan Geye, Director of Library Services, Everman ISD.