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The Lacey Chronicles #2: The Queen’s Lady



After avoiding a loveless match, being rescued by a marriage of convenience, and widowed, Lady Jane Rievaulx is happy to be single and appointed as a Queen's Lady. However, arrival at court is complicated by the appearance of Master James Lacey, her true love and the brother of the man she jilted. Encounters with Master James point to his returning Jane's feelings, but the timing is all wrong -- again. James is determined to travel to America to rectify past wrongs, leaving Jane at the mercy of her money grubbing father's matchmaking. With her love gone, Jane must turn to her former servant, Milly, and Jame's recently discovered half-brother for rescue. Will Jane remain a Queen's Lady, be married to a fool or reunite with her soul-mate? Read the second book in The Lacey Chronicles to find out.

Prepared by Julie Fales, Shawnee Mission South High School Journalism Adviser, Overland Park, KS